About Us


Welcome to Our Farm!

GET'IM Alpaca is a family owned and operated farm located just outside of Ebensburg, Cambria County, Pennsylvania. We are the home of over 20 Alpacas and one friendly but protective dog, Shaggy (along with some other farm animals too!). After more than five years, the farm has grown in both Alpaca residents and size. Our Alpacas have been successful in many different shows including AOA, PAOBA, and MAPACA. No matter if an Alpaca is coming to stay or leaving our farm, each and every Alpaca is a part of the GET'IM Alpaca family. We look forward to the future as we continue to go out there and GET'IM.


GET'IM Kicks-Off Summer Early with Refreshing Haircuts!

The Alpacas on the GET'IM farm prepared for the long-awaited start of summer with fresh haircuts. On Memorial Day, GET'IM Alpaca, along with the help of friends and family, sheared all the animals on the farm. A few visitors, particularly two Alpacas born on GET'IM's farm, were also sheared. This was a special year for our farm because all of the fleece was sold before it was even off the animal! We would like to thank all of our helpers, especially our friends from Australia, who helped our animals get ready for the summer heat.

Updated December 22, 2015