Sunday, January 24, 2016

Spring Show Halter Training

Well it's time to start thinking about the Spring 2016 show season. The main thing I focus on this time of year is halter training the show animals. Why spend all that time and money on going to a show if your animals are not ready for the show ring?

If I were to make a quick list of halter training tips, it would include:
- Spend a lot of time with the animals, get them tame and used to being handled.
- Get them on the halter and lead often (I try for 2-3 times per week)
- Start the training in with the herd. Use the other animals to help move from location to location.
- Short sessions. That way your patience does wear thin.
- Don't forget to check teeth and tail every time too!
- For the animal that "LOCKS IN THE BRAKES", don't let it be the boss, try a different hold. Try a
push or tap from behind. Get a human helper to assist. At minimal keep a forward pull on
the lead for a few minutes. Even if you get 1 step forward, that's progress.

Disclaimer: I'm no professional alpaca anything, I just love spending time with my animals. They each have their own personality, so get to know that and halter training goes easier.