GET'IM and Improve on them.

It's been 9 years since the first alpacas stepped foot on my farm and truly this adventure has been an amazing life experience for me.

When I started I couldn't decide what color I liked best, so my alpaca pastures looked like the ARI color chart. Something for everyone!

If you have been following my alpaca journey, hopefully you see some growth and maturity in this industry. But if you see nothing else, you can definitely notice the focus on DARKS and GREY!

I'm pleased to announce the GET'IM GREY COLLECTION. Check out my animals and see the quality and quantity of GREY genetics I have collected on my farm.

Whether of not your focus is GREY or you would just like to add a dash of GREY to your program, contact me. I'd love to share my experiences with you and who knows, I might have something of interest to you.


Heatwave - 2018 Buckeye
Heatwave - 2017 PAOBA

Sherpa - 2017 PAOBA

No fears Bella, alpacas are sweet!

Well it certainly is a different world these days, but in the alpaca world, one thing is consistent with me this spring. It's SPRING BREEDING time. My spring breeding always starts with a plan. My plan for spring of 2020 is to breed all 9 of my foundation females!!!!

No random decisions here though. I've studied my lesson to make the best decisions I could afford. Not having any spring shows has given me extra money to put into the breeding program.
What a better way to use money than to invest in my own herd!!

I am pleased to say I've secured 2 Man of Steel breedings from my friend, Deb Potts-Ragan from Cloverleaf Farm. I'm crazy excited about these two cria. I have also secured 2 breedings from another friend, Renee Ritenour from Alpaca Palace. Zagato is closed, so I got the next best thing with Zumba. For my second breeding, I'm battling over Zagato's Jay-Z and Skyline's Bold Accent. I'll keep you posted on my decision between those two boys.

For my other 5 females I'll be using my bred and owned Royal Crown. Crown consistently stamps his MSG color and confirmation. He's a sure bet for me and for you if you're looking to add Grey to your herd. I'm also going to bring Heatwave into service this spring. I am counting on him adding his amazing crimp and fineness to the females he settles.


Financing terms are flexible:

Typically I ask for ...................
100% down on any deal $500.00 or less.
50% down with 6 month option on deals $500.00 to $1,000.00
50% down with 12 month option on deals $1,000.00 to $5,000.00
30% down with 12-24 month options on deals over $5,000.00